Idol-Turned-Actress Nana Snaps At Haters Who Found Her “KBS Drama Awards” Acceptance Speech Too Long

“I guess people only want the short and simple acceptance speeches…”

For her outstanding work at portraying a rookie politician in KBS‘s rom-com K-Drama Memorials…

“Memorials” poster. | KBS

… idol-turned-actress Nana won an Excellence Award for the miniseries category at the 2020 KBS Drama Awards.

Nana | @jin_a_nana/Instagram

To celebrate her second KBS win, Nana shared a five-minute acceptance speech — in which she thanked everyone who encouraged and supported her acting career.

For me, Memorials is an extremely special show. When I was first offered the role, a lot of people had negative things to say, like “Would Nana really fit that role?” or “Would Nana be able to pull off that character?”… so I will never forget the love I got from being a part of Memorials… Am I taking too much time?

— Nana

Following the awards ceremony, unfortunately, Nana received some malicious comments for “taking up all the time” with her speech. The comments pointed out the actress’s “inconsiderate nature” — especially when her co-winner and sunbae Cho Yeo Jeong stood behind her the whole time, also waiting to give her acceptance speech.

  • “It was so long. And she spoke so slowly, I ended up turning the channel.”
  • “It’s not like she won the award by herself. It was a co-win between her and Cho Yeo Jeong. To spend five minutes talking when there is another winner waiting to take her turn at the mic is not only inconsiderate but straight up disrespectful.”
  • “She didn’t sound like she knew what she was trying to say either… I think it would have been best if she kept the speech short and thanked everyone in her personal time on her personal space, like Instagram.”
  • “Hers felt even longer because after her, Cho Yeo Jeong gave like a less-than-a-minute speech. And it felt rushed… It can’t be helped that she gets side-eyed.”
  • “She even asked the MC if her speech is too long and he was really nice about telling her it might be getting a little lengthy. But after hearing that, she went on for another minute anyway. I’d call that inconsiderate behavior, yeah.”


In response, Nana then took to her Instagram account, where she snapped at the haters:

| @jin_a_nana/Instagram

You never know when you’re going to win an award. That’s why this award was so precious to me. And all I wanted to do was share my gratitude with everyone I had in mind. But I guess people only want the short and simple acceptance speeches. Well I’m not that good at public speech though. I mean, on this amazing day, after winning this overwhelming award, I should have thought about the time while sharing my speech? What a weird idea. I hope one day we can all learn to simply congratulate each other on our accomplishments.

— Nana

Watch Nana give her wholehearted acceptance speech here:

Source: Sports Khan and theqoo