5+ Idols That Paid Off Their Parents Debt After Becoming An Idol

Such good sons and daughters!

1. Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

Hyeri debuted in 2010 at a young age. She grew up with both parents having to work due to rough family finances. Through her hard work, she managed to purchase an apartment where she would be able to live comfortably with her entire family. She even purchased a luxury car for her father.

2. IU

IU grew up in a tough environment, with her grandmother becoming her main caretaker due to her parents having to work. She once also shared that she slept in a room infested with cockroaches due to financial circumstances. Her mother had signed as a guarantor for someone who took off, resulting in her having to shoulder the debts unfairly. After her career took off in 2010 with “Good Day”, she shot to stardom and paid off her family’s debts.

3. Zico

Zico also paid off his family’s debts with his high income. During his peak, he earned a few billions of KRW, only to reveal that he had spent it all trying to repay his family’s debts. He shared that he felt thankful to his parents who had tried their best to let him do whatever he wanted and achieve his dreams despite tough financial circumstances.

4. Chungha

Chungha was also revealed as a filial daughter when she announced in 2019 that she had paid off her family debts recently. Chungha shared that apart from that, her mother does not use the money Chungha gives her, resulting in Chungha gifting her mother with a luxury bag instead.

5. Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon’s parents’ business had gone down the drain and the entire family had to move into a basement one room. His mother was pestered by loan sharks and even got hurt in a scuffle. He worked hard on variety shows after debut, and paid off the family’s debts with his first commercial. He also gifted his mother with an apartment under her name.

6. Jung Eunji (Apink)

The main vocalist spent her savings that she had gathered for 3 years after her debut on paying off her family’s debts. She even once revealed in an interview that her happiest moment in life was when she paid off all her family’s debts. She even prepared a feast for her mother while giving her the bankbook containing the funds.

Source: Insight