RM Praises ARMY For Respecting BTS’s Privacy On Vacation

He shared BTS x ARMY’s special bond with iHeartRadio.

BTS‘s relationship with ARMY goes beyond music. It’s a genuine friendship built on mutual love, trust, and respect.


On October 18, BTS went on air with iHeartRadio to discuss their “Make It Right” rerelease with Lauv, their plans for the rest of 2019, and of course, their fans.


When asked what BTS wants ARMY to know the most right now, RM spoke from the heart. He talked about how fans gave BTS space during their vacation time, and how much that means to the members.

They [the fans] were very generous. They saw the news and saw the articles. So, if someone bumped us on the street, they didn’t…somebody didn’t even talk to us.

— RM


“They respected us,” he continued. “It meant so much for us. I mean, we realized, truly, that we have this, you know, this communication, and this big thing. You know, we respect them and they respect us. And that’s the thing. That’s what we want to have.” 


Hear the whole interview here: