BTS Revealed How The BTS x Lauv “Make It Right” Collaboration Came To Happen

“We just wanted to collaborate!”

In their latest over-the-phone interview with Maxwell from Z100 at iHeartRadio studios in New York, BTS revealed how excited they are to be collaborating with Lauv on “the song that’s already amazing”.


RM, who spoke on the phone on behalf of the members, pointed out that this BTS x Lauv collaboration has been a thrilling one for them, as the members have wanted to work with the American artist for a long time.

Lauv was like one of the best ones. We just wanted to collaborate. He was up top there on our collaboration wishlist.

— RM


RM also revealed that the collaboration happened without much planning — like a gift! BTS and Lauv met in the UK while BTS were on tour. From there on, everything fell in to place; And that’s how the collaboration of the month was kickstarted!

When we were touring in the UK, we had a Wembley Stadium show. And he said he wanted to come there. We just met each other and… we were saying “Let’s work, let’s collaborate”. It happened really naturally.

— RM


The Lauv-boosted “Make It Right” is now sweeping the charts around the world.

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