iKON’s Bobby Announces He Will Be Getting Married And Will Become A Father

Congratulations to Bobby!

iKON‘s Bobby has just announced he will be getting married and will become a father. In a post via his personal Instagram account, Bobby shared the news to iKON fans around the world.

Hello, this is iKON’s Bobby.

I have something to tell everyone today, so I am sharing this letter after giving it a lot of thought.

I have promised to marry the person I love. And I will become a father in September. I am happy to be welcoming a new member to my family, but I am more sorry to my fans who will feel confused about this sudden news.

I should have told you about this sooner and I am sorry for the delay in sharing this news, as I was very worried about this.

I feel a heavy sense of responsibility because I feel like I am putting a lot of pressure on the people who have always helped me and supported me with all of their hearts.

I sincerely apologize to those who feel hurt or confused by this.

To my fellow iKON members, fans, and parents, the people who have shaped my life and made me a needed person in this world even though I am lacking, I will strive to become a person who will not bring shame to you all, to be a person you can be proud of.

I will also do my best to not become a distraction to our fans and the iKON members who are waiting for iKON’s activities.

— Bobby

YG Entertainment has not yet released a statement about Bobby’s personal life.


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