iKON’s Bobby Halts All Promotions For His Solo Album Just Two Weeks After His Comeback

He put his group first, before himself.

iKON‘s Bobby has decided to halt all promotions for his solo album in order to focus on practicing for Mnet‘s Kingdom and iKON’s comeback.

According to YG Entertainment‘s press release, Bobby shared his wishes to halt his promotions for his solo album Lucky Man in order to focus his time and energy on preparations for iKON’s comeback in March, and Mnet’s Kingdom in April.

After getting Bobby’s opinion, we will end all official activities for Bobby’s second full album Lucky Man, which were originally scheduled until the end of February.

— YG Entertainment

Bobby also personally commented on the move, sharing it was his decision to make the move.

iKON’s comeback is coming up soon, in March, and Mnet’s Kingdom begins on April 1. I thought I should be practicing and preparing more for those.

I want to join my other members who are practicing hard and sweating every day, to present a wonderful stage that will surprise everyone.

— Bobby

Bobby made his solo comeback with Lucky Man on January 25, meaning he only promoted for two weeks compared to the average soloist’s promotional period of around one month. iKON is scheduled to film their comeback music video sometime this week.

Source: Newsen