iKON’s Bobby Confesses His True Feelings About Having A Baby Before Marriage As An Idol

“As an idol, we have to become…”

iKON‘s Bobby joined the ranks of the married idols when he stepped up to announce a child on the way in August 2021. Fans were incredibly understanding and blessed him and his child.

On a recent episode of Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic, he shared his true thoughts about his wife’s pre-marital pregnancy and his status as an idol. As an idol, it is one’s job to set an example to younger people, but he felt that he had failed to do so.

Back when I decided to get married, I was sorry to the iKON members. Although it’s something I should be congratulated for, because of the type of job that being an idol is, you are part of a team. So I went to each and every member and apologized and told them what was going on. All the members were understanding and congratulated me. I was thankful for that. I told my parents and the company first. My life was kind of funny, how I had to explain everything. It was such a spectacle. I thought, oh, it went all the way to pre-marital pregnancy. And there were so many things I had to fix that there was no room for me to feel things. As an idol, we have to become a good example but pre-marital pregnancy is not exemplary. I was sorry to the fans because of the order in which things happened.

— Bobby

The other members also shared their thoughts on his marriage and his wife’s pregnancy. Thankfully, they were highly understanding.

Bobby cried as he told each and every member about his marriage. I know Bobby’s personality so I knew that he was feeling, “I’m responsibility for this one life. This is what happened. I’m scared. I’m terrified.”

— Donghyuk

After he got married, the way he saw things became different. Rather than what he wanted to do, he thought about his family first.

— Junhoe

It is all thanks to the members’ and fans’ support and understanding, Bobby was able to overcome his initial worries and focus on his family and career!


Source: theqoo