“We Don’t Feel Anything Towards Him Anymore…” — iKON’s Bobby Responds To Korean Fan Who Criticized Him For Showing Support For Former Member B.I

Here’s what he had to say.

iKON’s Bobby recently received praise for his honest comments about former member B.I and his departure from the group. As many know, he left the group after a case involving marijuana.

On September 11, 2023, Bobby spoke up about the matter. He called for love, forgiveness, and second chances.

Amongst the praise, some felt that they did not understand the need to publicize the matter. While they are understanding of Bobby’s decision to support his friend, they wondered why he could not show his support privately. Bobby immediately provided an explanation.

Bobby’s comment. | theqoo

Fan: Whether or not you guys work together or eat together behind-the-scenes, we don’t have to know. If you were a soloist, or if you were a K-Hiphop rapper, we wouldn’t care. But you’re doing a concert as part of iKON right now. Why did iKON flop? It’s because of your brother whom you love to death. Sigh. Even if you guys hugged it out and resolved everything, just who will hug us and the hurt we felt?

Bobby: To be honest, we feel nothing but gratitude towards iKONics. We know that you guys were very hurt, and that you guys cried many tears in real life for us. We know that you guys worked hard for us, even as you lost your appetites, how you guys put in effort to love us in any way possible. I can assure you, I’m not telling you guys to support whatever he did. I’m just saying we should stop fighting between supporting OT6 or OT7. We don’t feel anything towards him anymore, but we’re all just people who are trying to live on. I’m sorry. I’ll apologize from the bottom of my heart. I know so so well, just how much iKONics have worked hard and shed tears of blood for us, just to help us create a good image. It just hurts my heart so bad, to see you guys fighting, when I’m too busy just loving you guys even.


To many Korean iKONics, the matter came at a time where the group was finally experiencing fame and public popularity. The case caused the public’s opinion of the group to drop, and eventually was what caused the group to fall apart. Without their main producer and leader, iKON struggled for a while before getting back to track. Even so, the matter remains a sore spot for many.

Source: Theqoo


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