iKON’s Chan Exposes The Real Reason JUNE Was Smiling In The “BUT YOU” Music Video

The members clearly had a fun time filming the music video!

iKON have recently returned with their new album [FLASHBACK], having a comeback for the first time in over a year.

And fans are loving everything about the comeback, from the incredible album…

To the members’ adorable and goofy interactions while promoting.

Recently, iKON released a video to their official YouTube channel where the members sat down and watched the music video for the title track “BUT YOU” for the first time.

The members were captivated by how well the music video had come together. They explained that they often filmed in front of a green screen, so they weren’t sure how the music video would look.

(top, left to right) iKON’s Bobby, JUNE, Chan, (bottom, left to right) Song, Jay, and DK | iKON/YouTube 

And they even revealed the secrets behind some of the more cinematic shots, like explaining that they stood under falling glitter, but the video editors used the clips in reverse for the music video.

| iKON/YouTube

And one thing the members agreed on was that they had a really enjoyable time filming the music video. They especially focused on a car scene, where most of the members were interacting together.

Chan explains that when filming this kind of scene, where they’re “just hanging around at the back of the car,” it’s hard to know what they’re supposed to be doing.

| iKON/YouTube 

Although Song interjects to say that all the members did well since it looks so natural.

| iKON/YouTube 

And when they pause the video, Chan notices that you can see JUNE smiling happily.

| iKON/YouTube 

But JUNE explains that he was “smiling throughout the entire music video.”

| iKON/YouTube 

And Jay points out that “there’s fun in finding members while putting [the music video] on pause.”

| iKON/YouTube 

And while they pause the music video to study the scene further, Chan exposes the real reason JUNE was smiling.

He was laughing hitting DK’s bottom at the back.”


| iKON/YouTube 

Which the rest of the members can’t help but laugh at.

| iKON/YouTube 

“BUT YOU” is definitely both a song and music video that the members can be proud of and their excitement in watching the finished product is more than understandable.

You can watch iKON’s music video for “BUT YOU” here.

Source: iKON


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