iKON Gives Sneak Peak Into Their Upcoming Album

They’ve provided insight into their album preparations.

The iKON members recently participated in an interview and shared some highly-anticipated information about their comeback!


According to B.I, iKON will most likely make a comeback with a more powerful choreography and concept.

We expect our next album to have more difficult choreography. Last year, we did many sad songs so we’re tired of that. We’re preparing energetic songs and performances.

ㅡ B.I


And fans will be excited to know that they are currently preparing the album!

We’re not sure if it’ll be a series like “New Kids” but preparations for the tracks are done.

ㅡ B.I


Continuing on with B.I’s expectations of a more difficult choreography, Donghyuk, who is responsible for the group’s choreography, stated that he’d like to show more in terms of dance and is currently contemplating on the direction of the performance.

I do want to show a little more in terms of dance. Even if the I raise the difficulty, the members were able to catch up pretty well. It hasn’t been long since I’ve taken on responsibility for the choreography so I’m thinking about what kind of performance to do. I may be working during the Lunar New Year holiday as well.

ㅡ Donghyuk


This focus on performance and choreography is not surprising for iKON as they are one of the rare YG artists that are known for their sharp choreography. This is also one of the reasons why iKON has many things to think about in terms of their performance.

Traditionally, YG is not known for sharp choreography so we had a lot to think about. In my opinion, one of iKON’s charms is the on-point choreography. But in order to do so, we must practife a lot. I’m the most interested in dance within our group so I participate in the choregoraphy often and I can see that the members’ characters show through in their dance. Once we have more experience and the unique characters of each member become clearer, we plan to be more lenient about the sharp choreography.

ㅡ Donghyuk


Check out the scene of the interview below:


Source: Ilgan Sports