iKON returning with two new MVs for full debut album “Welcome Back” release

After a long wait, iKON will finally be releasing their full debut album Welcome Back on Christmas Eve along with two brand new music videos.

Originally, iKON was scheduled to release a warm-up single (pre-release) prior to their official debut in mid-September, followed by the first half of their debut album (6 tracks) at the beginning of October. The remaining half of the album (6 tracks) was to be released at the beginning of November as well.

However, the power rookies’ releases were rescheduled, releasing two singles instead of the last half of Welcome Back“Apologies” and “Anthem,” with the full album set to be released on December 14th.

Despite the new release date, on the 14th, YG Entertainment revealed a new release date for December 24th for both online and offline versions with two additional music videos set to be available.

Source: YG-Life

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