iKONICS Have Mixed Reactions To iKON’s New Light Stick Prototype, But There’s One Thing Everyone Can Agree On

“The amount of numerous Konbat versions iKONICS suggested…”

The K-Pop boy group iKON recently made headlines for having all six members leave YG Entertainment and sign under a new agency, 143 Entertainment, so they could keep promoting as a group.

iKON | @iKONIC_143/Twitter

Fans were thrilled when the news was first announced, excited to see what the group will have in store as they switch to an agency that will hopefully give them the spotlight they deserve.

| @iKONIC_143/Twitter

While the group can, fortunately, continue promoting under the name iKON, 143 Entertainment’s official Twitter account recently released some designs for iKON’s new lightstick.

Until now, iKONICS (iKON’s fanbase) have used the Konbat, which with its unique, memorable design, was a hit among fans.

Like the name iKON, the group can still keep the name Konbat, although 143 Entertainment is now designing a new prototype. Fans praised the company for allowing them to be involved in voicing their opinions about the possible designs.

Possibly prototypes | @JINHWANVIBE/Twitter

Now 143 Entertainment has released the chosen prototype for the new Konbat, promising that the light, which isn’t pictured, “will be So Red.”

143 Entertainment’s shared prototype | @GTMNY143/Twitter

Although fans appreciated that 143 Entertainment seems open to their suggestions, they have mixed reactions to the design for the new light stick. For instance, many want the official iKON logo on the Konbat rather than the word “iKON.”

And many fans are voicing their hopes that aside from simply the light being red, the actual light stick will also be red.

Some fans even suggest that 143 Entertainment make official accessories that fans can add to their Konbats.

Fans understand that the light stick design needed to be changed as iKON is changing companies, and they are grateful 143 Entertainment is letting them have input. And they certainly feel proud of iKONICS for being so passionate about giving suggestions to the light stick that is meaningful to both the fans and the artists.


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