Here’s What iKON’s Jinhwan Does To Bobby When He’s Drunk

There may be a little bromance going on.

The iKON members revealed each other’s drinking habits in a recent interview and some of the members had some interesting habits!


Bobby began by telling about what happened just the day before the interview. As Bobby was getting ready to work, Jinhwan apparently came home drunk.

Just the day before, or more accurately, today (day of the interview), I woke up to start working and hyung (Jinhwan) came home drunk.

ㅡ Bobby


Jinhwan then apparently went into Bobby’s room and asked if he could sleep there. Bobby indicated that this happens quite often.

He came into my room and asked, “Can I sleep here?” So I said he could. When he’s drunk, he often comes into my room to sleep.

ㅡ Bobby


Jinhwan explained that he likes Bobby’s room and mentioned that Bobby was kind enough to let him sleep there.

I like Bobby’s room. Bobby’s really kind so he often let’s me sleep (in his room).

ㅡ Jinhwan


In fact, Bobby and Jinhwan have apparently even slept on the same bed before!

Last time, we even slept on the bed together. Rather than going into his room, he lied down on my bed. He looked lonely so I just let him sleep. I was too lazy to move so I just slept next to him.

ㅡ Bobby


The funny thing was, Bobby goes into Donghyuk‘s room when he’s drunk.

When Bobby hyun is drunk, he comes into my room.

ㅡ Donghyuk


Unlike Bobby, who was open to sleeping together with Jinhwan, Donghyuk is apparently uncomfortable sleeping with someone else and so he stated that he has nowhere to go when Bobby comes in.

I’m the type that has to sleep alone so when I let Bobby hyung use my room, I have nowhere to go. I’ve even slept on the living room sofa once.

ㅡ Donghyuk


With all the exchanging of rooms, B.I made a smart suggestion:

If you’re going to do that, just switch rooms.

ㅡ B.I


Meanwhile, Chanwoo‘s drinking habit was speaking in English and apparently, he speaks quite well!

Chanwoo’s drinking habit is speaking English. He knows how to use some fancy vocabulary.

ㅡ Jinhwan


In Junhoe‘s case, he apparently becomes emotional and cries when he becomes tipsy.

When I’m drunk, I cry. I become very emotional.

ㅡ Junhoe

I had a drink with Jinhwan (and Junhoe) during an international tour and Junhoe wept. I couldn’t comfort him because I didn’t know the reason. If you just let him be, he’ll laugh.

ㅡ Yunhyeong


And finally, B.I had a heavier appetite and Yunhyeong danced when they’ve had a little too much to drink.

B.I hyung gets a bigger appetite and Yunhyeong hyun dances.

ㅡ Donghyuk


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Source: Ilgan Sports