iKON’s Jinhwan Reveals How Far He’ll Go For His Group And His Fans

iKONICs are swooning everywhere.

iKON recently appeared on a radio show to talk about their latest comeback with album, “i DECIDE”. During the show, the members began by talking about what they missed the most about the group during their year hiatus.

They also discussed their new album as Junhoe explained the message behind “Dive”, the title track. He explained, “It’s the story about a man who has a passionate mindset where he dive into any situation for someone he loves.

When Bobby asked how far the members would go for the group, Jinhwan didn’t hesitate before confessing his deep and sincere dedication to iKON!

He claimed, “For iKON, I can dive into a road of fire. I will even fall off a cliff.”

Ever the jokester, Junhoe claimed Jinhwan was only making such dramatic confessions because “he knows it’ll never come to such situations so he won’t have to do it.

No matter, iKONICs know that the members will do whatever they can for their fans and their loved ones! Just as they confessed in their new music video, “Dive”. Check it out below!

Source: Osen