iKON Jinhwan’s Sister Throws Shade At BewhY, Netizens Criticize

She indirectly showed her support for B.I.

iKON‘s Jinhwan‘s sister has been receiving attention through various online communities and social media for an Instagram post in which she mentions the rapper, BewhY.

In the post, Jinhwan’s sister shared a photo of the interior of what looks like a shop along with the caption, “I’m starting to dislike Be’whY’.”


Netizens have been pointing out that the way she wrote the name, Be”whY”, was the same as how BewhY wrote it on his recent Instagram post, congratulating himself on his birthday.

Be’whY’ happy birthday. July 2nd album.

ㅡ BewhY


The reason BewhY wrote his name this way is so that people do not confuse him with former iKON member, B.I, who was recently involved in a drug scandal and eventually withdrew from the group as a result.

When the news broke out, BewhY faced undeserved backlash due to reports that mistook his name for B.I’s.

I’m ‘BewhY’.

ㅡ BewhY


As BewhY continued to emphasize his name in this way, it seems that Jinhwan’s sister began to feel uncomfortable and has, as a result, expressed herself indirectly through the now-deleted Instagram post. She has also changed her profile status from public to private.

Meanwhile, many netizens have been criticizing Jinhwan’s sister for the post.

Source: MBC Sports Plus