iKON To Make Comeback With Another New Album Next Month

This will be their third comeback this year!

YG Entertainment CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, has revealed that iKON will be making a comeback on October 1st!


The upcoming album, “New Kids: The Final”, will be iKON’s third comeback in this year alone, a significant achievement for a YG artist!

YG Entertainment is known for their strict system of releasing albums and many YG artists have revealed that it is nearly impossible to release a new album until it is deemed perfect.


“New Kids: The Final” is most likely the final album to the “New Kids” series, which includes “New Kids: Begin” (2017) and “New Kids: Continue” (2018).


The talented idol group has made some significant achievements this year at #1 for 43 days in the domestic music charts with their hit song “Love Scenario”.

The song became so popular among Korean elementary school students that it was even banned at some schools.


Their latest song, “Killing Me”, has hit #1 on the iTunes album chart in 24 countries around the world, #1 on the Japanese iTunes album chart as well as K-Pop album chart and #1 on the Chinse Kugou music new K-Pop chart.


With so many achievements already made this year, anticipation is rising for what iKON has in store for their new comeback next month! Stay tuned!

Source: Newsen