iKON’s Song Shades YG Entertainment In Funniest Way, And Fans Are Here For It

Yuri hadn’t expected his answers.

Since iKON‘s Song is known for his popular cooking channel SONGCHELIN GUIDE, his appearance on Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri‘s cooking show Yuri’s Winning Recipe was welcome news.

Song didn’t disappoint with his humor and skills, sparking laughter and realization when throwing a bit of shade at his company YG Entertainment.

Yunhyeong | @sssong_yh/Instagram

As soon as Yuri said, “You are a member of [an] active boy group,” Song’s reaction earned different reactions among fans.

While Song’s confused look made many laugh, it also highlighted an ongoing problem with YG Entertainment’s management of the group.

When Yuri mentioned that she didn’t have time to cook when Girls’ Generation was active because of their busy schedules, she wondered if the case was the same for her juniors. She asked, “But isn’t iKON also busy? Can you spend much time in your dorms, like time to cook?

Shocking Yuri, Song responded, “Yes! There’s not that many schedules these days…

Song didn’t hold back by adding how life has been following their appearance on Kingdom: Legendary War, “After the survival program, I’m living a non-celebrity’s life…

He made Yuri laugh harder by pointing out it was the first time in a while he’d been able to get his makeup done.

Since iKONICs often plead for YG Entertainment to promote the group with enough schedules to keep their popularity rising and radio DJ Kim Shin Young wished they could find a balance to become more well-known to the public, at least Song can poke fun at the situation while still being honest.

Kim Shin Young discussing iKON’s popularity. | @Nayanabeii/Twitter

Check out Song’s funny approach to highlighting what YG Entertainment could improve on.