Illegal BTS Panties Are Actually Being Sold Online

BigHit Entertainment spoke up about the sale of the panties.

Panties featuring the members of BTS are being sold on the Chinese online market Ali Express.

The undergarments are being sold by online brand FORUSDESIGNS and are targeted as “women sexy panties.”

The selling of these products is illegal as they are not official merchandise verified by BigHit Entertainment.

Fans are demanding that the company take actions against the selling of these items, saying that it would be embarrassing for the members of BTS to know their fans are wearing underwear with their faces on him.

In response, BigHit released a statement through Seoul Shinmun that says,

Recently, the production of illegal goods and content that violates the property rights of BTS have been increasing. We are looking at this issue with much seriousness. We have set up a dedicated department to protect intelluctual property rights of artists belonging to BigHit and are actively taking action with the help of our legal representatives. We are taking action against this issue.


Source: Nate News