Im Siwan, Girls’ Generation Sooyoung, Kang Tae Oh And Shin Se Kyung Confirm New Drama, “Run On”

We’re excited for a new drama to cozy up with!

New JTBC drama, “Run On“, confirms the appearance of ZE:A‘s Im Siwan, Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung, as well as actors Shin Se Kyung and Kang Tae Oh as the main leads.

Run On” is touted as a special, out-of-the-ordinary take on romance in modern day life, where even if you speak the same language, communication is difficult and every one lives according to their own form of language and communication. Viewers are able to watch over the four as they attempt to navigate forming human relationships in such a tough generation.

The drama pairs up a popular sprinter for the national team that quit the game and a subtitler for movies, played by Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung respectively. Meanwhile, Sooyoung plays a chaebol CEO of a sports agency that struggles to retrieve her rightful position in the family group, who meets Kang Tae Oh’s character, an arts student in college.

The drama will be helmed by producer Lee Jaehoon and writer Park Si Hyun, with the former producing hits such as “Good Manager“. Anticipation for the cast is raised given Im Siwan’s impressive track record with shows such as “Misaeng” and “Hell is Other People“, while Sooyoung has been steadily appearing in supporting roles. Kang Tae Oh has recently wrapped up “The Tale of Nokdu” while Shin Se Kyung has been active as a YouTuber after “Rookie Historian Goo Haeryung“. It is slated to run this winter.

Source: Daum