Inactive Korean Actress Unexpectedly Blows Up In Popularity In Iran

She has become the face of the K-Wave!

In the early 2000s, Korean actress Lee Se Eun was one of the most popular faces across screens, delivering hit films and dramas, one after another.

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After her debut in 1999, the actress gained prominence with her role in the horror movie Bunshinsaba (2004). Some of her best-known works in television include Coma (2005), Love Needs A Miracle (2005), Fly High (2007), and The King of Legend (2010). She also starred in some notable films, including Once In A Summer (2006) and The Reflection (2012).

The poster of “Bunshinsaba” | Wikitree
The poster of Love Needs A Miracle” | Wikitree

During this phase in her career, Lee won multiple prestigious acting awards, including Best Supporting Actress at the 2002 SBS Drama Awards for Rustic Period, Best Supporting Actress in Serial Drama at the 2007 SBS Drama Awards for Yeon Gaesomun, and the Excellence Award, Actress in a Drama at the 2010 Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards for The King of Legend.

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However, after her marriage to a businessman in 2015 and subsequent family life, Lee Se Eun’s acting career mellowed down significantly, and now she is mainly seen on TV entertainment and variety shows.

Given her hushed-out filmography, the recent rise in her popularity overseas, particularly in Iran, has caught many people off-guard, including the actress herself!

Recently, her  KBS drama, The King of Legend, started airing on Iranian national broadcasting. The show has received a warm response from the local audience, and Lee Se Eun, who plays the female lead, Wi Hong Ran, is witnessing skyrocketing popularity in the country.

Lee Se Eun in “The King of Legend”

When the drama was first aired in South Korea in 2010, it had received high praise from the domestic audience as well for opening new avenues for Korean historical dramas. Lee Se Eun also received widespread acclaim for her acting skills at that time.

13 years later, it seems that the magic of the script and Lee’s acting have the same effect, even on a foreign audience. The actress reacted to her newfound fame, confessing that it had taken her by surprise. She also promised to be more active to repay the love and interest in her work!

Source: Herald Corp