Inappropriate Behavior At GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Concerts Sparks Heated Debates About Boundaries

“There’s a limit to how far you take interactions.”

Recently, inappropriate behavior at GOT7 Jackson Wang‘s concerts has sparked debate over personal boundaries.

GOT7’s Jackson | L’OFFICIEL

GOT7’s Jackson Wang is in the middle of his Magic Man world tour and has been visiting countries and cities worldwide. After completing the first part of the North American leg, the star headed to South America to meet fans there!

The first stop on this portion of the tour was Brazil, where Jackson made the event even more special with the appearance of a famous guest, Brazillian musician and DJ Alok.

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During his concerts, Jackson will bring up fans for two songs and serenade them on stage.

This continued during the Brazillian concert, but the behavior of the fan selected to go on stage during “I Love You 3000” caused some mixed feelings.

Throughout the song, the fan is very touchy with Jackson, even grabbing his inner thigh at one point. He laughs it off, swinging her legs over his instead, and continues the performance.

Fans shared their feelings online, with some seeing it as a cute moment. Others did not see it this way, citing that fans can decline to go on stage, but Jackson had no way of avoiding getting touched in that manner. You can check out the full interaction below, starting at 2:12.

Following the show, another incident occurred where a fan kissed one of Jackson’s backup dancers while taking photos with them.

These two incidents have launched some debate over idols’ personal boundaries and how these instances did not give the artists the respect they deserve.

These two incidents are not isolated; just a few months ago, a fan was criticized for hugging an underaged member of P1Harmony, Jongseob.

The lines can sometimes become blurred for fans due to their perceived closeness to idols, also known as parasocial relationships, causing personal boundaries to be broken physically and emotionally.

According to many mental health experts, not respecting idols’ personal boundaries can be unhealthy and dehumanizing since it shows them that the parasocial relationship takes precedence over their humanity.

Jackson, and other idols, go out of their way to provide special experiences to fans, and in return, fans should give them love and respect as a human.


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