The Incredible Mind Behind aespa’s Stunning Stage Outfits Revealed To Be The Work Of A Celebrity

She previously styled for Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi too!

Rookie girl group, aespa has been making headlines for literally everything these days and this time it’s no different. Their insane visuals paired with their equally amazing stage outfits have been drawing attention. Netizens have been highly impressed with their stylish clothes and we now know why. It has just been revealed that one of their stylists is a celebrity!

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One of aespa’s stylists has been revealed to be actress and entertainer Lee Hye Young! The actress has been in several movies and dramas gaining popularity in the entertainment industry. She is also known to be the ex-wife of former Roo’ra member, singer and current Knowing Brothers cast mate, Lee Sang Min.

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The actress has always been known for her fashionable and trendy outfits before her official title as a stylist. She previously released a book that is all about fashion called The Fashion Bible, where she shares her fashion tips and tricks. It’s no wonder aespa has been looking amazing for all their stages!

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She is credited as aespa’s style director along with many others. aespa has been killing it with all their outfits and now everything makes sense. They have a superb team that make it their absolute priority to make the girls look good all the time!

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Not only are her impressive style choices reflected on SM Entertainment‘s rookie girl group, but it has also been revealed that she has previously styled for Red Velvet Irene and Seulgi‘s “Monster”. On an episode of Radio Star, Lee Hye Young revealed that SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man personally asked her himself if she would style the Red Velvet members for their upcoming unit project.

Still from “Radio Star” | MBC

Everything from the styling and directing, I did it for them (Red Velvet).

— Lee Hye Young

On SM Entertainment’s website, Lee Hye Young is officially credited for the styling of Irene and Seulgi for the visuals of their “Monster” unit project.

Capture of Lee Hye Young’s credit | SM Entertainment

Now everything makes sense as to how aepsa has been looking so good for all their stages! Lee Hye Young clearly knows what she’s doing as she has yet to disappoint aespa fans with their looks. From the gorgeously vibrant colors, to the sparkly ensembles, the girls of the rookie girl group have been slaying in all their outfits.

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Make sure to check out aespa’s debut song “Black Mamba” and their live stage performances if you want to see all of their beautiful outfits!

Source: theqoo