Industry Insiders Cite “Religious Beliefs” As The Real Reason Behind NCT Jaehyun’s Drama Cancellation

The production hadn’t begun filming yet when it was cancelled.

Previously, it was reported that NCT Jaehyun‘s highly anticipated K-Drama Bungee Jumping Of Their Own was abruptly cancelled before the production began its filming. The series, which would have been a remake of Lee Byung Hun‘s 2001 film, was reportedly called off “out of respect for the original writer of the movie.” New details have emerged regarding the screenwriter, however, in a recent report by Star News.

NCT’s Jaehyun (left), poster for the original film “Bungee Jumping Of Their Own” | SM Entertainment, Cineclick Asia

According to the Korean news agency, industry insiders have been sharing the true reason behind the cancellation of the series. While the reports of respecting the original writer are true, the decision ultimately came down to the screenwriter’s change in religious beliefs.

Still from “Bungee Jumping Of Their Own” | Cineclick Asia

Bungee Jumping Of Their Own follows the story about a male high school teacher (played by Lee Byung Hun) who struggles to overcome the death of his girlfriend. Years later, he meets a male high school student who acts like his deceased girlfriend, which is where the two’s romantic story begins.

In the remake, NCT’s Jaehyun was cast as the role of the male high school student Im Hyun Bin, while actor Lee Hyun Wook was cast as the grieving high school teacher (previously played by Lee Hyung Hun), Seo In Woo. However, it is the love line between the two male characters which is where the issue arose.

Actor Lee Hyun Wook (left), NCT’s Jaehyun (right) | Management Air, Tenasia

According to industry insiders, Kakao Entertainment received concerns from the original screenwriter about the remake during the production preparation process. After in-depth discussions between the producers and the screenwriter, Kakao Entertainment decided to halt the production to respect the writer’s “religious beliefs.”

It is unusual to cancel a remake due to opposition of the original screenwriter given that the copyright belongs to the producer of a production. However, according to the insiders, the original screenwriter of Bungee Jumping Of Their Own opposed the remake and the love story between two males after becoming a “devout Christian,” leaving no room for negotiation from the production team.

The original screenwriter became a devout Christian after writing ‘Bungee Jumping Of Their Own.’ Then they heard the recent news that it would be remade into a drama. As a response, the writer shared their opposition to the remake of the film, citing their religious beliefs as the reason. It was also reported that the original screenwriter expressed their intention to take legal action against the production company if they chose to proceed with the remake.

There were no financial demands made nor was there any room for negotiation since the production was opposed due to religious beliefs.

— Industry insiders for Star News

Still from “Bungee Jumping Of Their Own” | Cineclick Asia

While netizens were looking forward to the modern remake of the 2001 film, it was particularly NCT fans who have been the most let down with the cancellation news. Previously, Jaehyun’s other series Dear. M, was indefinitely postponed due to the ongoing bullying allegations made against the female lead, Park Hye Su. This would have marked his acting debut, which was highly anticipated by NCT fans.

Poster for “Dear. M” | KBS2

The K-Drama was originally set to premiere February 2021, but was pushed back to August 2021 due to the actress’s bullying accusations. As of December 2021, it has still not yet aired.

Jaehyun in poster for “Dear. M” | KBS2
Source: Star News