Infinite Challenge Is Attempting To Pass 6 Laws Based On Audience Suggestions

Infinite Challenge‘s Congress episode has led to the proposal of six laws that could help the underprivileged of South Korea.

A special “Congress” episode for MBC‘s variety show Infinite Challenge was aired last week, in which 200 non-celebrity audience members and 5 Congressmen met to discuss various areas of society that need laws or regulations.

Topics relating to women and families, elections, culture, traffic, welfare, and many others were thoroughly discussed with Yoo Jae Suk as the host. Audience members ranging from students to the elderly all offered valuable opinions on what laws they felt society needed the most.

They also encouraged viewers to offer their opinions online, where they received over 10,000 suggestions for new laws and regulations that could help benefit society.

A week later, Infinite Challenge‘s official Instagram account uploaded a post thanking everyone for their input and contributions, and announced that six of the laws discussed in their show are currently being prepared to be proposed to Congress.

“Thank you to everyone who voiced their valuable opinions to Infinite Challenge’s Congress special. In the name of all those who pitched their ideas, Infinite Challenge and 5 Congressmen held an additional meeting and are preparing to propose laws regarding <congressional meetings>, <expectant mothers’ parking spaces>, <youth housing support>, <congressional term limits>, <fortifying child abuse laws>, and <part-time workers’ protection>.
We will continue updating you with news of the legislation process!”

— Infinite Challenge

The public praised Infinite Challenge greatly for the changes they were attempting to making on behalf of society, despite being an entertainment show that typically aims to share and spread laughter. Many viewers also expressed that they hoped to see more episodes like this from the show.

Source: OSEN