“Infinite Challenge” Core Cast Reportedly Stepping Down From The Show

The OG members of Infinite Challenge have been on air since 2006 and may leave the show this spring.

Infinite Challenge, one of the longest running TV entertainment shows in Korea, will inevitably face some changes for Spring 2018. There is talk that comedian Yoo Jae Suk, a core member since the show began in 2006, will be stepping down.

The cast has seen multiple changes throughout the years. The latest combination of the original members and comedians Yang Se Hyeong and Jo Se Ho has been well received by the viewers.

Yoo Jae Suk and his agency FNC Entertainment have claimed, “Nothing has been decided yet.” Other core members, like comedians Park Myung Soo and Haha, have been said to discuss stepping down as well. But no official statement has been released as of now.

The show’s reform is guessed to be triggered mainly by the change in the production team. After 12 years with Infinite Challenge, Producer Kim Tae Ho will no longer be spearheading the program. Producer Choi Haeng Ho, who will be replacing Kim Tae Ho, is looking for ways to refresh the program, including casting new faces.

There reportedly has been some movement to contact potential members.

“We are considering several ways to switch up Infinite Challenge.”

— MBC channel associate