Legendary PD Kim Tae Ho Is Leaving Infinite Challenge

The famous creator and director of Infinite Challenge is leaving!

MBC‘s Infinite Challenge creator and producer Kim Tae Ho has decided to leave the show after 12 years.


Tae Ho has been producing and directing the show since it began in 2006 but was often vocal about how hard filming schedules were and the burden of continuous work without breaks.


There have been rumors since the beginning of 2018 that Tae Ho wanted to resign when the show announced some reshuffling before the Spring season, but MBC directors shot the rumors down.


Now Tae Ho’s departure has been confirmed, there are rumors he has decided to leave the network altogether and work for Netflix, but these have also been denied.

“We are still in discussions to make sure Infinite Challenge continues to run smoothly.” — MBC Entertainment director Kwon Suk


Infinite Challenge is MBC’s most popular show, with millions of viewers tuning in each episode – but it also makes billions in advertising during it’s run each week.


It also has various profits from merchandise, indirect advertisement and sponsorships.


So the announcement has shaken up the whole of the MBC, the cast and crew, advertising industry, and of course fans too!


Source: Yonhap News