“Infinite Challenge” Officially Ending After 13 Years, Last Episode To Air In April

Infinite Challenge will end on March 31.

Infinite Challenge is ending in March 2018 after a 13-year run, with no season 2 planned.


MBC said in a press release that after discussing various options, the producers and cast members decided to end the show when the current program’s shooting is completed on March 31.


A follow-up program is being prepared by producer Choi Haen Ho but does not include members of Infinite Challenge.

MBC said that the follow-up program, which is scheduled to air in April, will feature a new format and is not considered a second season to the Infinite Challenge run.


After producer and creator Kim Tae Ho left, MBC advised that cast members and producers may be changed but that a second season was being planned. This second season has now been canceled.


Koreans were devastated by the news the show might be ending, even petitioning the Korean Government to stop it from happening. The show aired its first episode back in 2006 and has become one of the most popular shows in all of South Korea.

Fans created a Blue House petition asking the Korean government to prevent the show from coming to an end and left posts on the government website such as “I oppose the end of Infinite Challenge” and “I reject Infinite Challenge season 2”.


After the news that the original cast members may no longer be returning, netizens’ opinion changed and many said the heart of the show would be lost.

Infinite Challenge in talks to disband Yoo Jae Suk original members and reboot with brand new members

Source: Tonga