Netizens Are Horrified After Sasaeng Fan Allegedly Violates Idol’s Privacy In The Creepiest Way

“To be honest, this is so scary…”

INFINITE‘s Dongwoo (also known as Jang Dongwoo) hinted at the scary reality of Sasaengs.

Dongwoo | @ddong_gg0/Instagram

Recently, Dongwoo shared a picture of his lost AirPods’ location. While in Macau, the idol revealed that he had lost his AirPod in Korea.

According to the idol, he had lost the AirPod two years ago, which immediately sparked concerns over a possible Sasaeng fan. A Sasaeng fan alludes to those who obsess over idols and violate their privacy akin to a stalker.

!? The AirPod that I lost in Korea is near me, LOL. Who are you? You, who returned after two years… Should I go look for it before the show? LOL.

— Dongwoo

Despite the scary situation, Dongwoo jokingly asked fans to be on the lookout for the AirPods, even describing it for them.

Just in case you see it… The AirPod is either a gold case with an INFINITE logo and my initials DW, or the AirPod is embossed in bling-bling Swarovski crystals. If you see either, let me know, LOL.

— Dongwoo

Dongwoo then alarmed fans when he revealed after his concert that the person who had his AirPod had watched him perform. In a following message, the idol shared a photo revealing that the AirPod had been inside his concert.

Huh? This person watched my performance!

— Dongwoo

Netizens expressed shock and concern. Many felt it was chilling that someone who had stolen his AirPod in Korea two years ago would go see him perform in Macau with the stolen AirPod on their person.

  • “This is so chilling.”
  • “It’s not like his AirPod that he lost in Korea could follow him to Macau on its own…”
  • “I thought that the AirPod showed up as a mistake, but I got chills after seeing that its current location is at the concert venue.”
  • “This is crazy…”
  • “I mean, what in the world?”
  • “This is so chilling… This means the person had held on to the AirPod that they took in Korea…”
  • “To be honest, this is so scary…”
  • “I’m scared too… The more I think about it, the scarier it is.”

This latest incident involving a Sasaeng follows a series of troubling transgressions. Recently, a Sasaeng received international condemnation after they broke into the hotel room of NCT Jaehyun.

Fan Under Fire After Allegedly Breaking Into NCT Jaehyun’s Hotel Room

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