Fan Under Fire After Allegedly Breaking Into NCT Jaehyun’s Hotel Room

NCTzens are angered.

A fan is facing severe criticism from other fans after posting several videos of NCT Jaehyun’s hotel room. The fan recently posted media containing startling content as it seems to have been taken from inside a hotel room where the boys stayed during a trip to America.

They also managed to capture a video of the members’ luggage lined up in the hotel corridor.

Screenshot from video of the members’ luggage. | @sunkissedviews/Twitter

Other fans were stunned after comparing the footage that the fan uploaded, with published video content from the group. A set of pajamas seen in the incriminating video had been worn by Jaehyun on NCT’s official channel.

Screenshot from hotel room video. | via @caro_x_/Twitter
Jaehyun wearing the pajamas on “Pajama Night.” | via @caro_x_/Twitter

Although the videos were posted by the fan during the KCON LA 2023 period, the videos were actually from months back during the boys’ visit to The States.

The fan is facing extreme backlash from other NCTzens.

Other fans have called them out for invading NCT’s privacy with their antics. The room clearly still contains the member’s artefacts and belongings, ergo it is unlikely to have been a checked-out room open for cleaning and entry.

What further angered NCTzens was how the fan did not seem to be in remorse about their actions.

They also claim to have been given the key to the room, and hence do not think that it is considered “breaking in.”

Message between fan and their friend. | @sunkissedviews/Twitter

Fans are attempting to draw SM Entertainment’s attention to the matter. They claim that the fan in question has been consistent in their following and alleged stalking of the group whenever NCT is in America. They have been called out before in January 2023, for following the boys to a sledding trip.

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SM Entertainment remains silent on the matter.