NCT Fans Worry For The Members’ Safety After Finding Out They’re Staying In The Same Hotel As Potential Sasaengs… Due To SM Entertainment’s “Global Packages”

“SM basically enabling crazy fan behavior.”

Fans of NCT have become concerned for the safety of its members after it was discovered that global concert packages may be allowing people to get too close to the idols.

NCT 127 | SM Entertainment

For three stops of their NEO CITY – THE LINK tour in the U.S., SM Entertainment is offering “global packages” that, along with admission to the group’s concert, also include hotel accommodations.

While this may seem like a great idea in theory for fans that have to travel quite far to get to the concert, there is an aspect of the package that is understandably worrying.

For the Chicago stop of NCT’s tour, it turns out that the hotel accommodations for those that purchased the global packages were for the same place that the members themselves were staying.

Because of this, concert-goers were seen going to inappropriate lengths to try to meet the members of the group. At one point, some people were seen following NCT in a taxi after the members left the hotel in a tour bus. One of the girls seen in the video is allegedly a sasaeng fan that has been participating in the same kind of behavior since 2019.

There were also accounts of many disturbances caused by people staying in the hotel whenever a member would post pictures of themselves in or around their hotel room on social media.

This is far from the first time that NCT has dealt with scary and inappropriate behavior from apparent “fans”, and NCTzens are wondering what SM Entertainment was thinking when they decided on rooming the members in the same place as potential sasaengs.

NCT should be allowed to rest and relax in their hotel rooms on tour without worrying about people finding them and causing them stress and anxiety.

While it seems to be unknown yet whether or not the future concert stops will also have concert-goers and the NCT members in the same hotel, we hope for the safety of the idols that it won’t be the case.

Source: Reddit