3rd Generation Idol Goes Viral For “Adult” Fan Service

He knows his audience.

NCT member Doyoung is taking the internet by storm with his “adult” fan service at a recent fansign.

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Doyoung | Star Today

In April 2024, Doyoung released his first solo album, YOUTH, and since then, he has been busy conducting promotional activities to connect with fans as a soloist and celebrate this new journey.

On May 10, KST, the idol held a face-to-face fansign event in Seoul in collaboration with the K-Pop retail store Music Korea. During the event, Doyoung interacted with his fans for hours and even did commendable fan service at their request.

One of the outfits he donned at the event, presumably at fans’ requests, was a black necktie, only to take it off after much struggle. In the process, he seems to have attracted some unexpected attention online.


The short clip went viral on X (formerly Twitter), with fans joking that Doyoung has shifted his target audience to “working women” with this irresistible honeytrap. Many also strongly advocated for this kind of “grown-up” fanservice instead of requests to do aegyo.


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