INFINITE’s Dongwoo Sends Heartfelt Message To Group Members For Their Support

They are family!

Recently, INFINITE’s Dongwoo posted a heartfelt message online along with a photo. Dongwoo, who is currently performing in the musical, Another Miss Oh, as his first fixed project since his military discharge, thanked the members for their support.

Four of the members came to see me as it was my first time performing on stage in three years. As for L, we are cheering you on! Aren’t we seeing each other soon!? Hehe hopefully he will see my work then? Thanks for your support in our group chat too. 

On this day, as someone who is more accustomed to going on stage together for the past 15 years, the wish to perform together is even stronger these days. Just like the long-awaited rain, I am thankful as this is a chance to meet all of you even though it’s just little by little. 

And I was so nervous..I kept thinking about the members sitting in the audience and it felt like we were performing together! But surprisingly, today was the day I liked my singing and acting the most! Looks like the members only give me good tension/nerves. Thank you for being with me on this wonderful day. INFINITE fighting!

Members Sunggyu, Woohyun and Sungyeol attended Dongwoo’s performance on April 1 and Sungjong went to see the show twice before, revealing their close bond and friendship.