INFINITE L’s (Kim Myung Soo) Agency Clarifies He’s Still Part Of The Group After Announcement Of Solo Song

He will always be a part of INFINITE.

INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo) recently announced that he will be releasing his first solo digital single this February.

Kim’s management stated, “Kim Myung Soo is set to release his first solo song in early February. Then, he will enlist in the Marine Corps at the end of February. This solo song is a gift he has prepared for his fans before enlisting in the military.”

After confirming that he would be releasing a digital single and not an album, Kim’s agency added, “Because he has not withdrawn from INFINITE and is still a part of the group, we will only be releasing a solo song through a digital single and not an album.”

This release will be his first solo digital single since his debut 11 years ago as a member of INFINITE in 2010. He will be enlisting at the end of February after finishing his role in the KBS drama Royal Secret Agent.

Previously, Kim reassured fans that although he is a part of a different agency now, he will always be an irreplaceable part of INFINITE’s brotherhood!

Source: osen