INFINITE’s L (Kim Myungsoo) Reassures Fans Of The Group’s Unbreakable Brotherhood

They remain an unbreakable team.

INFINITE‘s L, also known as his real name of Kim Myungsoo, left Woollim Entertainment earlier this year in August 2019 — and inevitably fans grew worried that his departure from the agency meant the end of his ties to INFINITE. During his most recent V Live radio broadcast, however, L reassured fans that he is still an irreplaceable part of INFINITE’s brotherhood by boasting his strong bond with the rest of the members!


When a fan asked L to recommend a good song to listen to, L proudly suggested his teammate Woohyun’s new track, “When Fall Comes”. No matter where they are, INFINITE members will always have each other’s back — supporting each other like this!

Please recommend a good song. Let’s see, a good song… Oh, you know what song? Nam Woohyun’s ‘When Fall Comes’

— L


In addition, L also shared that his fans are more than welcome to bring their INFINITE light sticks to his individual fan meetings, as he is forever a part of INFINITE. Even though L and the rest of INFINITE members may not belong to the same agency, as L emphasized, they are still very much a team.

And there was a question earlier about this that I wanted to answer. Yes, you can bring your INFINITE light sticks to my fan meetings. You’re more than welcome to bring the Yeobong to the meeting. I’m a part of INFINITE, so you’d be right to bring it.

— L


In fact, L commented that he and the members are still in the group chat together. While there isn’t much talk going on in the chatroom most of the time, all the members try to keep in touch!

Do I keep in touch with the members? Well, it’s hard to get a hold of the members these days. It’s hard to keep in touch. We do have a group chat though. It’s quiet, because we don’t ever really chat in that group chat. The only time that group chat becomes active is when something funny happens to a member and we want to make fun of him. Otherwise, we’re usually a quiet bunch of guys.

— L


With L’s enlistment estimated to be sometime in 2020, soon all of INFINITE members will be away from the spotlight to complete their military duties. Thus, upon hearing L’s reassurance that INFINITE is still a tight-knit family, Inspirits feel relieved and hopeful for their comeback!