INFINITE releases MV teaser for Woohyun

Counting down with 11 more days to INFINITE‘s comeback, Woollim Entertainment has released an individual teaser for their third member, Woohyun.

Since July 2015, the INFINITE members have been busy with individual singing and acting ventures that fans have been waiting for a full group comeback for more than a year. Such activities included Woohyun’s solo debut, L‘s drama career, and Sungkyu hosting on variety show Girl Spirit.

However, the wait is soon to be over as teaser images have been dropped daily for each member, starting with Sungkyu and followed by Sungyeol. On September 6th, Woohyun’s video teaser has finally been released. The same video has also been posted to INFINITE’s official Instagram and TV Cast accounts, quickly inviting ten thousand views in an hour.

Making his solo debut Write.. on May 9th this year, Woohyun met Inspirits’ expectations by showcasing his amazing vocal skills.

Looking forward to INFINITE’s comeback? Check out their last comeback “Bad” and “That Summer (Second Story)” while waiting for September 19th!