INFINITE drops second comeback teaser video for Sungyeol

Woollim Entertainment has dropped a new video teasing INFINITE‘s upcoming comeback for their second member, Sungyeol!

The group first revealed a teaser video for leader Sungkyu on September 5, and fans were guessing that Woollim would introduce members one by one according to age, but were once again trolled as usual. Woollim Entertainment seems to be uploading new videos daily and fans can expect to see the next member’s video at midnight for the next five days.

The group is seemingly releasing a new album, INFINITE ONLY, in weeks to come, but the exact date has yet to be announced.

In related news, the passing of the father of member Dongwoo shocked many, as he was known to be a cheerful personality just like his son, and he was very welcoming to fans who patronized their family restaurant. Dongwoo was hence excused from two days of concert schedules in Japan, but is quoted to be rejoining the concert tour with the other members today according to his strong will.