[★TRENDING] INFINITE Sunggyu mobbed by fans as they push and grab him by hoodie

Fans swarmed Sunggyu after his performance of In the Heights, harassing him physically and preventing him from leaving the venue.

After stepping out from backstage to greet fans following his last performance in the current show In the Heights, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu was swarmed by fans. These fans proceeded to invade Sunggyu’s personal space, even going so far as to pull on his jacket and place a milk carton in his hood.

Fans were packed in tightly, attempting to touch the idol and get an autograph. To get his attention, a fan even pulled at Sunggyu’s hoodie, surprising him.

One fan apologized to Sunggyu, which he acknowledged with a mouthed “It’s okay”. However, the massive and tight swarm of people is apparent.

There’s even footage of a milk carton being placed into the hood of his jacket – completely to his surprise.

Sunggyu was unable to enter his car do to fans blocking the way. Despite the frustrating situation, Sunggyu remained professional throughout and even smiled to his fans.

This massive group of aggressively excited fans is the second incident this week, following NCT U’s swarm of fans in Thailand. Other instances of fan hysteria have been popping up recently, including BTOB‘s Sungjae and Peniel being touched on the face, and GOT7‘s Jackson begging saesangs to leave him alone.