INFINITE’s Sunggyu Shares Promoting Solo And Why He Continues Doing TV Programs

Fans are always number one in his heart.

INFINTE’s Sunggyu had the chance to sit down with The Star magazine’s April Issue and talk about his time away from the industry while fulfilling his two year military duty. He held an in-depth interview with the company and filled fans in on his time away from the spotlight.

Here are a list of questions and answers regarding meeting his fans and how much they mean to him.

You held your first solo concert this past February for three days. How did it feel to meet your fans after a long hiatus?

I was so nervous the first day I don’t even remember what I did. I was worried about ‘what if I cry?’ but I was so nervous that all my tears went right back up. It was amazing and I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Thankfully, my nerves calmed down by the second day and I could finally actually see the fans’ faces. I was so thankful and happy to see my fans and I was happy to see that they were all well. I thought I was the only one who had been waiting for this moment, but I realized that my fans had been waiting too so I was really happy. I want to show them more of my performances.

You don’t think you’re good at TV shows? We thought you enjoyed it!

I really don’t think I am good at it and I’m not witty or good at talking. I still can’t watch myself on shows. The only reason I continue to do these shows is because of my fans. Although most of my fans are through INFINITE and our music, there are also people that have become my fans through TV shows. I want to thank those people too by appearing on these shows. If I don’t appear on shows because I’m nervous or scared, it wouldn’t be fair for those fans that enjoy seeing me on these programs.

There are many fans waiting for your solo album. Any plans?

I don’t know when it will be exactly but I am currently working on making music. A lot of fans enjoyed my song cover that I uploaded so I hope to share my songs when I get the chance.

Anything you’d like to say to INSPIRITS?

Thank you so much. I’ve been reading comments and letters from fans and I’ve read things that say ‘I’ve liked you since third grade and now I am an adult’ or ‘I used to go to your concerts because my mom let me and now I make my own money and pay myself to go to your concerts.’ When I see things like this I am so happy and grateful. I will repay all of you. Now that a lot our fans are now working adults I hope that we can all take care of our families and all become rich and live great lives. I hope that my student fans will go for their dreams and do what they truly want to do. I hope that my concerts can help lift your spirits to those that are lost and tired from daily life. I will try my best to always be a singer that can give you all strength.

Hopefully we can see the group altogether soon in front of all their fans soon!