INFINITE’s Sunggyu Successfully Completes Solo Concert

He is ready to release new music!

INFINITE’s Sunggyu successfully completed his solo concert, [LV], from February 10-12 in Seoul. He opened the concert with the song “Climax” from his third mini album back in 2020.

Sunggyu stated, “It’s been a while since I’ve prepared a standing performance. Please enjoy and sing along to the songs you know. I hope this concert will remain in everyone’s hearts for a long time.”

| Kim Sunggyu official website

You guys did well watching the concert for three days. I’m finally getting back to my senses but I already want to go back on stage…

Throughout the concert, he also read comments from fans watching the show online and revealed that he is working hard to prepare for a new album. The company CEO also posted a photo on Instagram regarding a new album release.

Knock knock Kim Sunggyu are you alive? You can be dead today since you worked hard. Good job Sunggyu~ How are we going to do the next concert lol Let’s prepare for an album first. Our Double H TNE fam did well too!

In particular, group members Dongwoo and Woohyun also personally visited the concert to show support. After finishing his concert, he stated, “Thank you to INSPIRITs, our company, and all the staff that came to the concert for the past three days.”
Source: newsen