Infinite’s Sungjong Leaves Woollim Entertainment

He penned a heartfelt letter to fans.

Infinite‘s Sungjong will be leaving Woollim Entertainment after a long 13 years. The star had been with the company ever since his debut in 2010. Even prior to their official debut, he had starred in various variety shows such as You Are My Oppa with the company.

He announced the decision through a handwritten letter on his personal Instagram.

Hello. This is Infinite’s Sungjong. I will be leaving Woollim Entertainment, whom I’ve been with for a long time, to start a new challenge. Thank you to Lee Jong Yeop CEO and the Woollim Entertainment family who have laughed with me in happy times, been sad with me in sad times, and toughed it out with me during rough times, over these 13 years from when I was a trainee up to now. I will not forget this gratitude. And to our Inspirit who has given me infinite love, to our members, I’m always grateful and I love you. I’ll always be with you. Together.

In the future, I will repay the fans’ love through a variety of activities as an Infinite member and as Lee Sungjong. Thank you.

—  Sungjong

The decision may not come as a surprise to fans, given the various protests of unfair treatment over the years. Currently, out of all the Infinite members, only Woohyun remains signed to Woollim Entertainment.