INFINITE’s Sungyeol To Be Discharged From The Army Soon – Here’s 5 Of His Iconic Moments To Celebrate

The long-awaited day has come!

It has been reported that INFINITE‘s Sungyeol is finally, finally about to be discharged from his military duties. Sungyeol is currently already on his year-end leave, and he will be discharged from location rather than heading back down to the military base. This is a preventive measure taken due to the pandemic.

He will officially be relieved of his duties on 27 October 2020. Although Dongwoo, Sungjong and Woohyun are still in the army, Sunggyu previously discharged earlier this year. L has yet to enlist. While it looks like Inspirits need to wait a little longer for a full reunion, here are 5 iconic moments from Sungyeol so we can celebrate!

1. Sungyeol’s “Pick Me” Dance

If you’ve not watched Sungyeol dance to “Pick Me” by I.O.I, you’re missing out! Although he and Sungjong are widely known for their girl group cover dances, we name “Pick Me” as one of his best! Check it out below

2. His brotherly chemistry with Lovelyz’s Yoo Jiae on “You Are My Oppa”

If you’ve yet to watch You Are My Oppa, it’s a reality show nearing the debut of Infinite , where they are given a female sister to take care of! Yoo Jiae from Lovelyz was picked for the show. Sungyeol’s first meeting with her got off to a rocky start as they bickered.

But ultimately, he was one of the few that cared for her the most!

| You Are My Oppa

3. When he quite literally stole Woohyun’s “girlfriend”

On an episode of Infinite Scandal, Woohyun was paired up with a girl to virtually date for the show. Hilariously, Sungyeol was set on stealing Woohyun’s girl!

He even put his arm around her!

4. His lead role in “Hi!School: Love On”

Playing the role of a high schooler that comes from a broken family, he later falls in love with the angel, Seulbi. The drama is a light-hearted, comedic watch that is sure to appeal to the younger crowd!


5. Sungyeol’s “Paradise”

One of INFINITE’s hit songs, “Paradise” was all the more popular for its outfits and styling which gave fans a treat. They were often dressed in grunge suits! Here’s a favorite fancam of Sungyeol’s visuals!

Congratulations to both Sungyeol and Inspirits!

Source: theqoo and Featured Image


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