INFINITE’s Woohyun To Hold A Special Live Broadcast With Fans

Welcome back Woohyun!

INFINITE’s Woohyun will be holding a special live broadcast on August 5 at 6 PM KST to celebrate his completion of military service. This will be his official first schedule since being released from the military on August 4.

As this is his first schedule in a long time, fans around the world are anticipating this live broadcast. He will be communicating with fans through a radio-type broadcast and release various stories during his time in the military. 

He also recently posted on his Instagram story showing his excitement to meet with fans.

| @nwh91/Instagram

Ah I can’t get used to this.

— Woohyun

In addition, special guests will also be making an appearance on the live, making fans curious as to who they will be. 

Source: star today