Infinite’s Woohyun And Sungjong Throws Shade At Their Management Agency, Woollim Entertainment

Woohyun also hinted about leaving the company.

Infinite was one of the most popular boy groups during the 2.5th K-Pop generation. They debuted a little after OGs of the 2nd generation, such as 2PM and B2ST. 2022 marks their 12th year of debut, but sadly, only member Woohyun is left in their original management company. The group debuted in Woollim Entertainment as the juniors of K-Hiphop pioneersΒ Epik High. Over the years, there have been many gripes that both fans and idols have had with their company. When their contract expired, it was unsurprising that all members except for Woohyun chose to leave. The group has yet to disband, however.

Fans were treated to a major nostalgia blast when the boys sang “Man In Love” during Sungkyu‘s solo concert.

During an episode of Idol Blossom radio, Woohyun guested alongside Sungjong.

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The two boys had a very candid talk about their recent whereabouts and Woollim Entertainment. After all, Sungjong had remained in the company for more than ten years as well. Fans were shocked to hear the boys spill the tea.

Woohyun threw some shade at the company in a joking manner. When Sungjong asked if his management team, Namu Company, was functioning well, Woohyun couldn’t help but sigh. Namu Company was once a concept started between him and his fans and later evolved to refer to the management of his activities.

Uh…I don’t know. I’ll just not say anything. I don’t think I can say anything good. Oh, can I swear [on radio]?

β€” Woohyun

The boys continued to drop the tea on the company’s mistakes over the years. From losing data to not publishing ready songs, the boys had enough.

If I were to tell you, honestly, there was someone who previously managed all of our videos. But the hard disk went down the chute. Yeah… It evaporated! I don’t know if they deleted it, but that person didn’t manage it properly, and it all went down the chute. Everything was in it. Everything of Infinite’s… Our entire encyclopedia was in there. Our photos, videos, choreography videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and practice footage that everyone hasn’t seen. Even unreleased songs. Everything was in it. And it went down the chute. So all we have left now from Infinite is probably stuff from 2016 or 2017 before “Tell Me.” I’ll go back to the company and secretly check on what we have left. I’ll steal all of it secretly [before I leave] and move it all to my hard disk.

β€” Woohyun

He promised fans and Sungjong that he would raid the company’s remaining data on Infinite before he leaves. Fans were rightfully angered to hear that the company had failed to do a proper management job.

On the other hand, they were thrilled to hear his hints about leaving the company after his contract expires. While no official statement has been released yet, fans are hopeful after hearing the shade he had thrown at the company.