INFINITE’s L (Kim Myungsoo) Reportedly Leaving Woollim Entertainment, Fanmeeting Organizer Responds

Organizer: “It’s really weird…”

Recently, Apple Daily revealed that INFINITE‘s L (also known as Kim Myungsoo) will allegedly not be renewing his contract with Woollim Entertainment. People have become skeptical of his stance with the company after the poster for his Taiwan fan meeting did not feature the Woollim Entertainment logo.

Now, ETtoday has confirmed the evidence by comparing his fan meeting poster from last year to the most recent one. The Woollim Entertainment logo is only present in the 2018 poster.

The organizers of the fan meeting, Red Star Entertainment, has also spoken up. They stated that when they were initially approached with plans of a fan meeting for L, they were originally skeptical and thought it was a scam. They have stated that the event was introduced to them by a Korean company, but not through Woollim Entertainment, and they are unaware if L is being housed by another company. They said that it was really weird, especially since L’s contract status with Woollim Entertainment was not clearly stated.

They also mentioned that it was weird how they were only told to use still images from his drama “Angel’s Last Mission: Love.” When asked if there were no new photos that they could use, they were told by the South Korean side that they could only use still from the drama. This caused the organizers to be more worried that it was a scam but was relieved when L recorded a personal message for his Taiwanese fans.

Fans have been asking Red Star Entertainment for details concerning L’s contract with Woollim Entertainment. Red Star Entertainment has stated that it is currently a holiday in South Korea, but they will ask for confirmation.

Additionally, ETtoday has suspicions on which company is currently housing L. In the poster, the company name Look Media is seen. Look Media was established in 2009 as an entertainment company but has since transformed itself into an overseas marketing event organizer as well as an entertainment agency. Over the years, it has helped arrange and produce overseas activities for BIGBANG, JYJ, Girls’ Generation.

Yesterday, August 17, 2019, was the 8th anniversary of the establishment of “INSPIRIT”, INFINITE’s fan club. Member Woohyun posted a message to thanks the fans. INFINITE’s official Facebook page also posted photos of the group, including L, to celebrate the day. Woollim Entertainment has not spoken up on these concerns.

Source: ETtoday