INFINITE’s Sungyeol Gets Discharged From The Military Today

Welcome back Sungyeol!

Inspirits rejoice because INFINITE‘s Sungyeol is being discharged from the military today!

| leeseongyeol_1991/Instagram

On October 27, it has been revealed that INFINITE member Sungyeol has officially been discharged from the military. Due to COVID-19 and the safety precautions that come with the pandemic, he was discharged promptly without a crowd present.

| leeseongyeol_1991/Instagram

Sungyeol started his basic military training back in March of 2019. He is the second INFINITE member to have completed his military service with member Sunggyu being the first. INFINITE currently has members Dongwoo, Sungjong and Woohyun still serving while member has yet to enlist.

| leeseongyeol_1991/Instagram

With Sungyeol and Sunggyu back in action, we are excited to see what INFINITE’s future holds. Welcome back!

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