Insiders Claim Yoona Has The Best Personality…In The Whole Industry

She was voted among the most hardworking and kind in the K-Pop industry.

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA has been active in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years now, and despite her huge fan following and massive success as an idol and actress, she is known as one of the nicest people in the entire business.

Co-stars, journalists and fellow idols have praised her for her hardworking, dedicated attitude and her friendly, kind personality.


YTN News journalist Kim Ah Yeon picked YoonA as the star with the top personality.

“All variety show producing directors (PDs) compliment YoonA, because although she was Korea’s top girl group Girls’ Generation’s centre, she always has a rookie mindset, tries her hardest and is never afraid to ‘ruin her image'”. — Kim Ah Yeon


YoonA was also mentioned by the producer of Hyori’s Homestay, Jung Hyo Min, who said YoonA had an easygoing charm.

“YoonA is lively and outgoing, and she has an affable, friendly charm.” — Jung Hyo Min


And in a 2016 issue of 1st Look magazine, the reporter wrote that her experience of interviewing YoonA made her realize how kind YoonA is.

“She quickly became known as a ‘pretty girl among pretty girls.’ But even though she is an idol that captured the public’s gaze with just one breath, she didn’t rest on the laurels of that name, and has sincerely and smartly taken steps forward in her career.” —  1st Look Reporter


And her co-stars give YoonA credit for the success of projects! Veteran actor Shin Hyun Joon said the movie Cooperation wouldn’t have been possible without YoonA.

“80% of the movie was made possible because of YoonA. That’s Hyun Joon’s personal opinion. He said that.”  —  KBS Reporter


Last year, YoonA showed her humble personality when she was interviewed for Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary. She said that she is “greedy” because she wants to become a better actress.

“Acting is still hard. Not because I’m normally an idol, but because there are so many people who are good nowadays. I think I’m getting more greedy about wanting to act better in general, rather than to get rid of the [idol] label. There are a lot of exceptional actors who are originally idols, so I don’t think that bias is as bad.” —  YoonA


Fans are certainly not surprised that YoonA is voted a top personality in the field by professionals!

  • “She gives off the vibe of someone who is genuinely sweet, so not surprised at this.”
  • “YoonA is an actual angel.”
  • “YoonA is truly such a sweetheart. She deserves all the fame and recognition she’s gotten thus far over the course of her career.”


She really deserves all the praise she has received!

Source: YTN News and Sonexstella

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