Insiders Reveal Sulli’s Final Work Prior To Her Passing, “Persona 2”, Will Likely Never Be Released

It may never be released.

Insiders have revealed that Sulli‘s final work prior to her passing, Persona 2, may not ever be released to the public.

According to Dispatch, Sulli had only completed filming of 1 part, directed by Hwang Soo Ah, in the Persona 2 series. There were a total of 5 parts scheduled to be released for the series.

The part directed by Hwang Soo Ah had a doppelganger concept, where humans and pigs ended up becoming one entity. Reports from Dispatch say that Sulli was very enthusiastic during the filming, and did not even hesitate to film with a pig carcass.

A source from the production team of Persona 2 told Dispatch that they are also currently not considering a replacement actress for the remainder of the parts Sulli was scheduled to film.

Five different directors were scheduled to film 5 works on different topics with Sulli. Up until her passing, only filming for Hwang Soo Ah’s part was completed.

We are not in a situation where we are considering the replacement of the actress. We are all in sorrow due to the sad news about Sulli. Up until now, we have not had any discussions.

— Persona 2 production team member

Source: Dispatch

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