Internal Conflict Among Cube Entertainment Staff Disrupts Future Comeback Plans

Cube Entertainment has been trending in the news, but unfortunately, not because of their artists. The agency has been in the spotlight due to an alleged internal conflict.

It was previously reported that the agency was experiencing internal conflict in regards to its management and staff. The issue has grown so large that their own staff members have refused to show up to work or even contacted. With staff availability low, this has caused an issue with Cube’s future promotional schedule for their artists.

As a result, Cube has issued an announcement that revealed they were currently “undergoing an adjustment phase.”

Solo artist Hyuna was expected to drop a new album soon. While the exact date has not been confirmed, Hyuna’s album has been pushed back for an August release. Additionally, Cube’s new boy group Pentagon, which fans have been waiting for, their debut has also been delayed. As Pentagon was set to perform a concert in celebration of their debut this month, their upcoming activities are currently unclear.

Cube Entertainment was founded in 2006 by Hong Seung Sung and Shin Jung Hwa. They have since debuted many idol groups including 4Minute, BEAST, BTOB, CLC as well as solo artists G.Na and more. The agency made a strategic partnership and allience with iHQ in 2013.

Source: OSEN

Watch Hyuna’s last solo track “Roll Deep” featuring BTOB’s Ilhoon: