(★TRENDING) International BLINKs Attack TWICE For Covering Wonder Girls’ “So Hot”

BLINKs flooded the comment section with hate comments.

TWICE recently performed a cover of Wonder Girls’ hit song “So Hot”, and received a lot of backlash from BLINKs for it.


Members Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Mina, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu performed the song as part of Music Bank’s 20th Anniversary show.


Although the girls put on a great performance, fans noticed that there were a lot of negative comments on the video comparing them with fellow girl group BLACKPINK.


BLINKs compared TWICE’s performance to BLACKPINK’s rendition during the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun, claiming that TWICE was “copying” BLACKPINK by also covering the song.


ONCEs also noted that many BLINKs had similarly terrorized TWICE’s previous cover of “So Hot” from 2016 after BLACKPINK covered the song.

The comment section was even disabled from the video due to the overwhelming flood of negative comments.


But while some immature BLINKs continue to write hate comments, other BLINKs have apologized for their immaturity and clarified that the immature fans should not be attributed to BLACKPINK.


Earlier this month, international BLINKs had come under fire for sending similar hate comments to TWICE’s Chaeyoung for “copying” Lisa’s style of hair.

International BLACKPINK Fans Attack TWICE’s Chaeyoung For “Copying” Lisa’s Hairstyle


And despite many BLINKs apologizing for immature fans sending hate to Chaeyoung, it didn’t seem to stop negative comments from flooding in.


Luckily, like last time, ONCEs came to fight off the haters.


TWICE loves covering songs by their JYP Entertainment seniors.


“So Hot” wasn’t their first time, and it certainly won’t be their last!