International Netizens Disappointed In Red Velvet’s Wendy For “Discriminatory” Impressions

Wendy did some highly offensive impersonations and fans are not happy.

Wendy appeared on TALKMON and was asked about different dialects in North America. In response, she said there were differences in how black women and white women talk.

She grew up in Canada, where she learned to speak English fluently.


Her first impression was how she views popular White women to talk. She used exaggerated hand motions with a high-pitched voice.


Wendy’s second impression involved how she views popular Black women talk. She used hand gestures, head bobs, and a different style of speech that were stereotypical.


Fans expressed their disappointment with the singer, especially since she received a lot of negative attention in 2014 for doing similar impressions.


Fans have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment.


Check out the full clip of her impersonations below.

Source: The Straits Time

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